5 Simple Steps to master DynamoDB

5 Simple Steps to master DynamoDB

Learning DynamoDB shouldn't be difficult, right? Essential Tips for mastering DynamoDB

Serverless is pretty much the hot topic that everyone wants to join in With the flexibility in of not managing the infrastructure while able to scale infinitely is just awesome for any company and dev as it saves overhead cost.

With that said, if you want to get into the world of serverless, you might have been spending time in understanding the AWS lambda, API gateway, S3 and other service. But amongst all DynamoDB is the most painful to understand due to its completely new philosophy and the way it operates as compared to traditional SQL databases.

So to save your time, I have compiled down top 5 things that'll help you cut down your time while learning DynamoDB.

  • 1. Simplify the Jargons

DynamoDB uses a lot of complicated jargon like Partition Key, Sort Key, Global Secondary index, etc. If you have worked with other databases then figure out how it co-relates with what you have learnt.

  • 2. Understand how different DynamoDB is

Probably right now you might be dealing with normalization, joins and other things. Being NoSQL, DynamoDB has none of them. Instead, if you want to do the crud operations, you need to know how are the item stored and how it can be accessed.

  • 3. Know the Access patterns

If you try to compare DynamoDB with MongoDB, you'll notice that its less flexible in terms of how DynamoDB allows you to model your data and certainly there's pros and cons to it that you need to plan for data modelling in upfront considering what feature you need to give to end user. But due to this DynamoDB performs really well. Even Amazon uses DynamoDB for its prime day events which receives couple of billion request in that time frame

  • 4. Integrate DynamoDB with other services

DynamoDB has pretty amazing set of features like streams which allows you to build real-time apps, analyze data using kinesis, redshift, etc. So, knowing how to use it will help you to design complex set of features in no time.

  • 5. Learn Effectively

Chances are if you're reading this then you already have started learning DynamoDB. Back when I started to learn DynamoDB there was no any proper resource that could tell me how to learn it properly. Previously I had known MongoDB but learn this took me around 6 months to properly understand DynamoDB and I don't want you to go through the painful process of trial and error.

Instead with my own experience, I created the Ultimate DynamoDB Course that will effortless help you master all necessary concepts in just few days. You can learn more about it here. I'm sure you'll love it. The Ultimate DynamoDB Course - Google Chrome 10-12-2021 20_16_31.png